Welog Consortium

WELOG – Welt Logistics Consortium is an exclusive alliance of International & independent Freight Forwarders working as united transnational company with high standards of procedures for all supply chain industry, via airfreight, ocean freight, inland, warehousing, 3PL, distribution, trading and all globe transportation services.

We work as worldwide franquicie group with coverage in 5 continents, 150 countries, 485 cities, with more than 3500 employes , a new global logistics leader.

Till December 2015 we will act as worldwide alliance of freight forwarders, evaluating all partners, traffic and development into the global network.

Since January 2016 we will become a new global brand and you will have the possibility to open a new company in your city/country for example: WELOG USA INC, WELOG ITALY SPA or WELOG INDIA.,LTDA depending of your location, you will be the owner of this new company under global rules of WELOG FRANCHISE AGREEMENT.

WELOG have a exclusive polity about multinational company , you will enjoy all advantages to became real part of global conglomerate.

Since January 2016 we’ll restructure our website all global procedures, you will have partners around globe with the same high quality of service, the same internal norms, the same colors, the same logo, but respecting the independence of owners and their people in your company.

Start today and apply for your city/country via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.