In order to become  “A WELOG company” and our exclusive WELOG representative partner in your city/country we have the following 5 basic requirements:

  1. Complete the excel format “Global locations – application form” with all your data.
  2. Sign and stamp  WELOG Franchise agreement and return us via scan.
  3. Send us via scan  CEO or General  Manager identify document with your currently photo.
  4. Send us  your official certificates as International Freight Forwader in your country, like FIATA, IATA, port autority, airport authorization, local association, VAT certificate or others.
  5. Send us  word document “WELOG company report” with all data needed.

Once received  all documents WELOG team will evaluate  and proceed with your active membership.

Contact us for additional information:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.