Global Benefits


WELOG ensure these 20 real benefits for your prestigious company:

1. Reliable and high-quality partners around globe with the same company name working as a real global brand.

2. Global coverage, more partners, reliable worldwide agents and friendship.

3. More routed cargo, nominations and project shipments between all WELOG offices.

4. Lowest global rates, more world contracts with shipping lines and airlines.

5. More sales lead, commercial relationships and new customers.

6. Global brand, our members operate under one world trade name and logo, based on the membership and franchise agreement. The trade name WELOG and logo are trademark registered.

7. Global position with brand, our polity, norms, rules and website is not focused like a network, we are a new GLOBAL LOGISTIC LEADER, a GLOBAL BRAND named WELOG (Welt Logistics Consortium) and you can established a new local company in your country with our franchise agreement since year 2016.

8. Enjoy the possibility of real competition with multinational conglomerates, now you are part of one global brand named WELOG.

9. Exporters and importers prefer to work with TRANSNATIONAL companies with OWN OFFICES around the world, you will be an official & real representative WELOG partner in your city/country.

10. More trust and international credibility for your good company.

11. With our exclusive GLOBAL SYSTEM CONTROL, WELOG ensure regular traffic between partners.

12. You will received 3 new email address, for example: yourcountry/ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

13. Your good company will be include in WELOG website as official partner in your city/country, so, new customers of all corners around globe will be directly in contact with you.

14. You can use our logo in your cards and since January 2016 you can create WELOG as your own office in your country, for example WELOG USA INC, WELOG CHINA LTD or WELOG ITALY SPA. consolidating the global brand for your proper benefits and entire network.

15. You have direct access to the profiles of all WELOG partners.

16. Only one exclusive member per city/country with long term partnership ensuring exclusivity per territory.

17. Simple membership fee, just one annual payment for franchise agreement depending of range per city/country, no more costs, also you can apply for discount depending of your performance into the alliance.

18. Annual meetings and conferences where all WELOG partners can exchange information, ideas, business, pacts, among many others, being an excellent opportunity to meet personally and face to face, one by one member.

19. Support in sales and commercial, all partners are real efficient and provide quickly reply to your requests.

20. Marketing opportunities, via our website, exhibitions to promote your company´s services and increase your recognition in local, regional and global market.